Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things I'm hating right now in this room

  • The guy wearing a dark blue jean jacket with matching dark blue jeans
  • The girl sitting in the windowsill to my right, who keeps walking back and forth from her table to the window and at each passing gives me a strange look.
  • The loud obnoxious people sitting at the table to my right, who think they are the only ones in here and who apparently forgot the name of this room, "The Quiet Caf"
  • Pretty much everyone sitting at the table with jeans-boy.
    • Girl with ugly blond steaks in her brown hair.
    • Skinny guy with some kind of attempt at a white-afro
    • Girl on a pink laptop (ugh.)
    • Guy that has a sweater tied around his waist. Hellooo, how old are you!? Who also has stringy, frizzed out red hair with way too much gel
    • The fact that the entire table has now moved even closer to me because of my closeness to the plug.
    • Oh my god, the loud noises they make.
  • The annoying, giggling redhead who thinks everything she says is funny and never shuts up.
  • The homework staring at me in the face. Dammit.

It looks really nice outside though. I just wish it wasn't so cold, maybe all these people wouldn't be bothering me on the inside.