Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A litter more about me.

I never thought that being unemployed and not in school would result in complete and utter boredom. When I pictured myself being free from school AND work I thought that I would be enjoying each day and that I would be...more productive.
Yet, all I've done pretty much, is move my clothes from the room upstairs to what is now my room in the basement, while still leaving a mess in my old room. Ok..let's see what I've accomplished;
I learned how to make Chicken Parmesan...in my first week.
I baked a few times, mostly shortbread cookies, cake and cupcakes.
I got a fancy new haircut.
I applied for some jobs on Monster.ca
I went to two hockey games. (We won both! Booyah.)
I saw the Spice Girls in concert.
I started playing World of Warcraft and now...sadly I'm quite addicted. (It's not really an accomplishment. As my boyfriend's mother says, "I've joined the dark side.")
I made a video on Youtube after several months, and plan on making more.
I watched a lot of movies. Like...A LOT.
I fell in love with the movie, Stranger than Fiction. At the same time, acquired a girl-crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal.
I started playing on Expert on Guitar Hero III.

I guess that's a pretty good list. I'm not quite sure what's so good about it because most of it is just useless activities that just waste time, but I have time to waste, so why not. I'll probably never have time like this to do nothing ever again.