Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things I hate...again.

I've managed to turn this blog into a way of venting my frustration when I'm stuck in a room for several hours, waiting for my next class.
I like to sit in this cafeteria, thinking, I won't be judged (because there is a lot of judgment passing going on in my school) and its a place where I can plug my laptop in and do work or just do my own thing. It's days like today where I wish pulling out a shotgun and shooting someone in the face was legal, with valid reasoning.

Valid reason today:

There is this table of people that always sit here. I guess they've come to love this room as much as I have.
Particularly, this one girl that is loud, outspoken, annoying, not funny, did I mention loud?
I'm picking on her right now because she's yelling. She's shouting as she recounts on something that happened to her. I happen to be sitting at the table next to them and my nerves are running short at this point. I've had to turn the volume on my music very high and I couldn't hear the girl who was trying to ask me if she could take the chair in front of me, yet, I could still hear the disgusting noises coming out of this other girl.
I looked around as she was telling her story, shouting, making strange noises, and I see the others in the room, probably thinking the same way as me, looking over at her strangely and then if they were sitting with someone, look at them and give that look, that look we all know.
The look that says it all, "what the fuck". A simple translation that doesn't need an interpreter. Let's give this girl a name, Tomato-face. Because when she laughs, the way that she is laughing right.in.this.moment. turns her pudgy face red. Ok, so Tomato-face is laughing, she makes those noises, you know, those noises that come out when you burst out laughing, hysterically. That weird breathing in and out noises, when you lack air and just suck up all the air around you. Then there's the giggle.

note: I'm terribly sorry about this. I know I'm picking on this girl, but I've been sitting at this table for 3 hours...or so and I still have to sit here for another 2 1/2 hours more. (My english class ended after 30 minutes and my next class is at 4. I was done my first class at 10:30) I hope you can bear with me. Hopefully, you can find this mildly funny, how un-funny this girl is.

If I had a friend like this. I probably wouldn't stay friends with her. Maybe she thinks she's cute, as she kicks the ground like a child as she laughs hysterically at practically nothing. It reminds me of a baby, you dangle some keys in front of a baby and he/she laughs hysterically, for the silliest thing, it kicks its feet and waves its tiny arms around, like it can't stop. This image brings up cuteness and babies make you laugh and feel good about life. When you see a 20 something year old do this...not so cute. Thanks Tomato-face. You suck.

On a lighter note, I feel like I have to write this down. (Type this whaaatever.)

Yesterday, when I was in Ethics class, we were doing group work. The group that I was with, were particularly uninterested. I was with 4 guys and another girl. One of the guys is the girl's boyfriend. Let's just say there were times where I wish I could've gagged because of their public displays of affection. The othre 3 guys were just so...I don't know, it's like they weren't even there.

Also, at one point when were were doing group work, I turned towards another group and one of their group members (female) was standing up. Picture this, she's wearing black sweat pants, possibly yoga pants, and she has them pulled up so much that, let's say, nothing is left to the imagination. I quickly turned towards the front of the class and tried desperately to erase the image of camel toe from my memory.
For God's sake woman, I know you have a vagina, I don't need proof.

Music: She Moves in Her Own Way - The Kooks