Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dress + Heels

Today, just as the past few days have been, has been a disgusting summer day. Humidity with no cool breeze is no party. Aside from living with the sensation of my sweat resting in places where sweat should never rest, I've started retreating into the shelter of my basement room to stay cool. I don't really use this blog that much since I have a Tumblr and it's so much easier to just reblog photos there and also I just use twitter in order to just let out feelings in small bursts rather than write out a blog entry. Anyways, the point is, it's summer and I'm trying to keep myself from becoming a hermit.

To date, things have been pretty simple. I go on a day-by-day kind of schedule and the only thing that I really have planned for my summer is that I'm sharing a week of vacation with my best friend and we've got a whole bunch of activities that we plan on doing that week. This list includes:
1. Small roadtrip to Ottawa (about 1.5 hours away) to wander the city but most importantly, eat at Red Lobster (We don't have any here).

2. Parc Safari, it's like a big drive through zoo where animals can come up to the car and you can pet them through the windows and also a water park.

3. Slumber party in my basement.

4. Ikea day, which starts off with breakfast at Ikea and finding her a bureau or something to put her clothes in and then help her put it together.

That's pretty much it, throw in a couple of days at the gym and hopefully a day in a pool/beach and I'd say that would be a pretty awesome vacation.

I'm also not looking forward to August. I feel like this entire month is almost closing in on that time frame because I know it's going to be the worst of my summer months. Boyfriend is leaving on his vacation at the beginning of August on a "booze cruise" which, although it may be fun to say outloud, does make my stomach twist a little. It doesn't make me feel good to think about it because right after when he comes back, he goes away again to football camp. So I basically don't get to see him right before I don't get to see him again and then the whole football season starts and I'm almost 90% positive that I will see him even less during that time. Anyways, I want to cut this whining to a minimum so I'll just say that at the end of this somewhat blurred road in front of me there lies a light at the end of that road which lights up the words "One Year". This would be my second longest relationship and with my fingers crossed it will move onto the longest and the last. That's kind of a strange thing to say now, but it's how I really hope things turn out. A couple of football seasons won't sway me away from someone who truly makes me happy.


Annnnnyways. I'm stuck at work for the next 2.5 hours. I just found out through an email that Brandon Boyd, the only Brandon I've ever loved, has just released a solo album today on iTunes. I started thinking about how much of his music and Incubus has followed me through the years and I've been with that band since I was 11 years old. It's been 11 years since I bought my first Incubus album and it's amazing how I've literally grown up on their music. I can literally pin point the time and place where I was when I bought each album since Make Yourself. I will definately see them live again, probably not here in Montreal but somewhere. I don't think anything can ever match the first time I saw them, in some stadium right on the edge of the Long Island shores. If there is a moment in my life where something was completely beautiful it was being able to watch that concert in that location.

Bah, my point is, I can't believe I'm stuck at work when I could be listening to the amazing sounds that somehow escape the mouth of Brandon Boyd. He is probably one of the sexiest people in the entire world. I mean come on, amazing voice, freaking amazing talent (I mean that both musically and artistically), hot body (...he's only gotten better with age), he's intellectual (just read his biography about his new album here) his writing style is almost obscene but at the same time down to earth, which makes him feel very real. I could probably boast about him for 3 or 4 more paragraphs but he's always stuck with me as the person I would love to spend an entire day talking to.

Ok, so, here's what I've covered today:
1. The worst thing about summer is the CHAFING.
2. I'm wearing a dress and heels at work (still standing)
3. I don't like football season but I'll get over it.
4. I love my boyfriend...a lot.
5. I've always had a thing for Brandon boyd.
6. Check out his new solo album...The Wild Trapeez. :)

P.S. Julia, I think I have a better person to imagine what "Pirate Pete" would look like haha.

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