Monday, October 27, 2008


Sooo, I've pretty much decided that I want to go to Boston this weekend to hang out with Chris Eff and Billi, because, who would pass on an opportunity like that?! I'm going to take a huge chance because they've decided to do a pub crawl aaaand I've yet to reach the (American) legal drinking age of 21, so the chance being that I might not be able to get into a pub with them. Haha, all this information has been important to me because I've spent all this weekend trying to decide whether or not I should go and like I said, it's pretty much decided.

It's been a strange time for me lately, I'm more buddy-buddy with my ex-boyfriend now, and it's actually refreshing to be around him and see that he isn't sad that we're hanging out and not really together, because I used to get that vibe from him before. I guess it's what I wanted, to be friends, and until recently he's been to weird to be around, so I guess that's good. One of the things holding me back from hanging out with him more is the fear that I might be leading him on and also him seeing us hang out more as a sign of possible reconciliation, which isn't a possibility, not in the near future anyways. Wow. What a bitchy thing to say...but it's true.

I've also been hanging out with my friend Jess more, she's a girl I met through my old job and she's awesome because she's a gamer and I like to consider myself a former gamer, since...I used to play WoW... and I still play video games like Call of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike...(my dorkiness just increased by 20 points, I know) but Jess is HOT and I sometimes feel intimidated when I hang with her, just cuz she's THAT good looking, haha. Anyways, it's also weird because she's friends with some people that I went to high school with, but like the ones I never hung out with in high school because those guys were doing pot, and they still are. Also, whenever I hang out with her, I'm usually the ONLY person that doesn't smoke and it's funny because I carry a lighter, (out of habit because during the summer I used to watch a lot of soccer games and I had a candle that repelled mosquitos and I needed a lighter to light the candle) and what happens is that I'm usually the only person with a lighter and everyone is confused as to why I have one. The conversation sounds like this:
"Do you smoke?"
"Oh. You smoke weed, then?"
"Oh....Then why do you have a lighter?!!?"

And this happens with every person that I lend my lighter to.

Anyways, that was more useless ramblings, I just felt like posting something since it's been awhile and apparently people actually read this blog and so now I feel obliged to update for the sake of you people having something to read. <3 youu all.

p.s. here's my new video IF you haven't watched it already and IF you want to watch it again.

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Chris Eff said...

Sweet! Boston's gonna be so rad, I know it. Lots of cool people coming. And!! We're gonna get hotel rooms, so if by chance you can't get into the bars, you won't be stranded. And!! ColorMeKristen, who is totally chill, might be coming too and she's not 21 yet either.. so worst case scenario, if you convince her to come down earlier, the two of you could cause some trouble at the hotel.