Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snow, costumes and more Boston talk.

Yesterday was the official first snowfall here. Even though I secretly found it beautiful, I was angry because I kept thinking, "Why couldn't this wait until after this weekend??". The thought of having to drive long distance in the snow scares me, especially since I don't have my winter tires on my car yet. But, I'm sure that the snow won't stay on the ground, it's going to melt and I've checked the weather for here and for Boston and it's supposed to be sunny all weekend. *crosses fingers*

So, since yesterday I've been desperately trying to find a good costume that I could wear for Halloween. I spent at least 2 hours searching up ideas for costumes that I could create using stuff around the house, or something I could find in a thrift store. So far, my best idea yet is to dress up like Sarah Palin. I mean, I have the hair for it, and the rest of the ensemble would just be the glasses and some stupid looking blazer and skirt. I figured if I really am going to dress up like her, then I'd have to at least try to get her accent down, which is hard, because I really suck at doing accents. Anyways, I figured that I'll spend this afternoon before work checking out thrift stores and the salvation army, I'm sure I'll find inspiration there.

This is so silly, but I'm so incredibly excited that I'm going to Boston this weekend. It's all I want to think about. I know the drive is going to be hell, I mean, 6 hours is crazy. I seriously don't know how I managed last time. Probably since it was so last minute, I didn't have a chance to get hyped up about it. Especially since I don't have any form of mp3 player/Ipod, I have to switch radio stations every time I get out of range. Anyways, basically, for the past two days and for the next three days this is what's going on in my brain "OMFG, IS IT SATURDAY YET?? AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"'s getting really hard to contain myself. soo I know I keep talking about Boston, only because it's seriously the only thing I'm thinking about right now. :D

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