Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Sunday!

It's Sunday and I'm very glad that I'm at home right now.
Yesterday for me was completely and just totally awful for me. Friday night, I stayed at my friend's house, we played video games and then attempted to play a drinking game while watching Happy Feet (the game being, every time Mumble (??) tap dances we take a shot). The movie finished around 3, then we ended up staying up another hour because we started watching the Food Network. It was one of the extreme cake making competitions, I don't know why we were so compelled to watch it and finish the episode, but it just happened. In normal situations, staying up until 4am is not an issue, but in my case, it was because I was not at home, I don't have a car and I had work the next morning at 9am. Knowing all of this beforehand, I probably shouldn't have stayed there the whole night but I love my friends and sometimes, you just gotta indulge yourself in the company of your friends.
Ok, so I wake up at 6am, because I needed to walk home from their apartment, walk 15 mins in the freezing cold to get home, take 45 mins to get ready for work, then go walk again for 10 mins to catch the bus for work. I go to work, it was horrendously busy and when I had a glimmering sign of hope when 5 o'clock came around that MAYBE I could go home and relax, that hope was destroyed when the manager working yesterday said "You have to do the facing because the floor associates have to put away the stock in the reception". I was stuck at work for an extra hour and a half. I'm whining about work, I know. Sorry. I was just so, so incredibly mad and frustrated. ANYWAYS. That's over and I'm happy again.

Today, I'm trying to be productive. I woke up at 9:30 (Fell asleep around 11pm, omg I know, I have no life) I did my laundry, took a shower and even TRIED to make a video. The only reason why I failed at making the video is because the battery on my camera died. Which sucks because I really think my hair looks good today :P .

I feel like I should be making more blogs or something for my Youtube channel because honestly, I don't have much else to offer on my channel. There's also Thee Commune, but I don't know what to post on there except for music and lately, I haven't been feeling very creative or musical or even slightly compelled to learn chords for songs. The only thing I didn't do today, is go to the gym. It's the first time since I joined the gym that I haven't gone on a day where it was possible for me to go, I was feeling pretty disappointed with myself about it before, but I'm allowed to give myself a day off on my day off right?

This is all really boring and probably the reason why I don't like blogging that much. I feel like, no one cares about my weekend...but whatever. I have to write about something to try and keep myself in the habit of doing so. Hopefully, something interesting will happen to me and I'll have something better to write about than myself! I even tried drawing today, thinking maybe I could post little things that I drew, and maybe they'd be cute or something...errr...I realize that I suck at drawing. So yeah, for now, you get this really long blog about essentially nothing. :D


Rosequirk2789 said...

Hahaha, that sounds like an awesome drinking game. Glad you had fun this weekend :-)

Hanne said...

Oh look, people caring about what you did this weekend! I agree with Kristen, that drinking game.. I wanna play it!