Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Obsess? So What?!

Does posting pictures of my movie collection make me vain? I had this urge to post these pictures because today I had to add that plastic white basket at the top of my bookcase/DVD holding thing because I bought a movie yesterday and the bookcase was already at its full capacity! ANYWAYS. Basically, I'm incredibly happy with my collection at this point. There are some movies that are missing because I've lent them out to people who haven't given them back yet :( . I mean there are some movies in there that I not so proud of...I'm sure you can find some in there.

But for the most part, I'm very pleased with my purchases. I think my friends think I have some kind of disorder because every week I come home with at least one new movie, sometimes even 5-6 movies at once. I can't help myself. It's come to a point where I NEED the movie that I'm looking for. I've very much set on building an epic collection filled with all the movies I love. This weekend I was supposed to go on a "quest" to find obscure shops downtown where I could find used/new DVD's, CD's and vinyls but the bad weather discouraged me and I've put it off until next weekend. I know that I'm going to find something amazing in at least one of these stores.
Anyways, if there was something that I obsess about more than anything, it would be movies.

BTW. All of them in alphabetical order. booya. I was thinking of changing it to by genre...but I'm not sure yet.

Three movies I watched this weekend:
1. The Warriors (fantastically awesome)
2. The Evil Dead (I still need to get/see Evil Dead 2. omg.)
3. Hard Candy (cringetastic and oh-so-good. I'll watch it again with you.)

So basically. Come over, let's watch a movie. :D


Rosequirk2789 said...

Omgosh. That is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. For space control I have to put my dvds into a cd case, but trust me when I live alone I'm going to show those babies off!

Hanne said...

Oh oh oh! Am I seeing Kill Bill I + II AND Jackie Brown...? I love, love, love Tarantino!

Francesca said...

Hard Candy..... wow that was messed up.... but freaking AMAZING!!!
Can't wait to watch Funny Games with you :p

Yves said...

Nice collection with the exception of that copy of Kung Fu Hustle lol