Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Me. Playing with my new Camera.

I got a new digital camera last week, nothing special, just a Sony Cyberhot. I've been wanting my own camera for so long, every time I would have to ask my sister to borrow hers and she's not always nice when it comes to lending me her camera. Otherwise, when it came to making a video, I would have to use my webcam and, let's face it, the quality on recording with a webcam sucks. So to finally have my own, it feels nice. I'm hoping that now that I have a camera I'll be more excited and willing to make videos, but I guess I'll just worry about coming up with ideas, rather than worrying about how I'm gonna record it. Also allows for more spur of the moment recordings. ANYWAYS. Here are some photos I've taken so far...

It was snowing last Wednesday after I had sushi for dinner. The camera has a "snow" setting so I thought I'd try it out. I thought it looked pretty sweet.

My caesar salad at Wendy's. Yummy, right? ha. It sucked.

I had mint chocolate m&m's (Christmas themed of course) and I found one that was deformed. :) I didn't eat it cuz I thought it was special.

The best dark chocolate fondue I've ever had. This was the dessert at my work Christmas party. SO GOOD.

Pouty face. That's for you. You're welcome.

I know this was just a filler until I have something meaningful to write down. All I've been doing lately is working, watching movies and messing around on the internet. How boring. I actually wish it would start snowing here (like...a lot, not just some flakes here and there and then it's gone in the morning). I want to make a video in the snow and take pictures. That's all. Goodnight.


Rosequirk2789 said...

I can't wait for it to snow! I know when it's snowing I'm SO going to regret saying that.

The deformed m&m was my favorite:-)

Actually i take the thing about me wanting it to snow back.. it can't snow until i get a winter coat :-p

Hanne said...

wow... that salad looks really crappy, the snow looks cool though :)

Francesca said...

I tagged you for the 16 random facts.
The tag madness goes beyond you tube lmao