Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OMG I Wish I Had Taken a Picture!!

Ok, So I live near this strip club...I know that already sounds pretty sketch, but I live borderline ghetto sooo that's my explanation.

Today, my family and I went out to the mall to pick up some stuff for my brother's English project and on the way back home we drove passed the strip club and I REALLY REALLY wish I had a camera or that we could've stopped the car to take a picture because Oh.My.Freaking.God. this was hilarious. There is a sign outside the club and today the sign said this:

Cabaret Le Bazzaz
12 Danseuses
10 Belles
1 Grosse
1 Laide

For those of you that can't speak french I'll translate...

Cabaret Le Bazzaz
12 Dancers
10 Beautiful
1 Fat
1 Ugly

I will go back and take a picture and hopefully it will still be the same! hahahaha.

How bad is that? I mean you openly advertise that you have 1 fat dancer and 1 ugly dancer like that is supposed to bring in more people! I dunno I totally cracked up when I saw that and seriously felt the need to share that :)


Hanne said...

Haha.. at least they're being honest :D

I totally live borderline ghetto as well.. but I don't have any strip clubs nearby, I wish I did though, lol.

ben robot. said...

i DO live in the ghetto and last time i danced at a strip club the sign said "out of business"
[ -_-]

Francesca said...

lmao, that awesome, now i'm tempted to go check it out haha