Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's been a rough week...

As if my week hadn't started off on a bad note, you know, breaking up with my boyfriend and everything, no, things are just spiraling out of my control and all that's left is me holding nothing. If I can be visual about it, picture me, standing in the middle of a busy intersection, in one hand I'm holding my empty heart and in the other an empty wallet.

In a nutshell, I went into work today, thinking I'm supposed to be working, but no, my name is no longer on the schedule. The boss' daughter was there and looks at me and tells me:

"You're not on the schedule today, but ________ (boss' name) is going to call you tomorrow because he wants to talk to you."

Well I better fucking hope that he actually calls me and tell me what the FUCK is going on because I'm not taking shit from anyone anymore. I left, not looking back, I think that I won't be working there anymore. I deserve better than that, I've proved that I'm a good, hard-working person, I mean he gave me assistant manager after three days of working there.
In my head, the only possible explanation would be that my sales have been low recently. I work the morning shifts, and they all know that the sales have been low in general, it's just that time of year. Whatever. It started on Thursday, when his wife calls to tell me that I'm not working on Friday and that _______ will be making the schedule. So..., thinking ok, well they want the people that make the most sales to work, fine. I was pissed, yes, but I thought that you know, I have some kind of job security. Clearly that backfired and here I am. If you were looking at me you would be looking at the face of unemployment. Even though it's not official, that's pretty much what's left of me.

I've thought about it, even if isn't firing me, if he just wants to let the people that can still work now the hours before they go to school, I really couldn't give a shit. I need the hours just as much as the next person, maybe even more. So, if that is the case, he can take this assistant manager position and shove it. At this point, I don't give a FUCK anymore. You might have done this to other people that have worked there, but you are not going to fuck me over and think I'm gonna take it.

So basically, I'm alone and I'm jobless. A LOT has changed since last week. Maybe it's for the better. I guess I'll find out. Wish me luck in this new and strange world.

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